Merrill-Wyatt was born and raised in Wauseon, Ohio where she spent too much time wandering around her grandmother's Victorian home, which had been in the family for over a hundred years. There, she entertained herself by staring at a settee full of antique dolls, waiting for them to come to life. She was both relieved and disappointed that they never did. Meanwhile, her other grandmother lived next to a cemetery and was first cousins five times removed from Edgar Allan Poe. In hindsight, these things probably all qualified as omens.

At the age of fifteen, she won a state-wide 4-H competition in Creative Writing. Having absolutely no idea what to make of that and quite certain someone must have made a mistake, she quickly scuttled out of the awards ceremony before anyone could take the trophy back. Having acquired degrees from far too many universities in Ohio, she finally settled on teaching as a career while continuing to write in her free time and earning some credits as a freelance writer.

She currently lives in Toledo, Ohio with her husband, daughter, and too many cats. She is donut-obsessed and owns too many pairs of shoes. If you care to send her either, she's a size 7.5 and doesn't care for jelly-filled.


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